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Be part of Bavarian tradition
  • Custom dance in May original bavarian tradition
  • Traditional Bavarian parade
  • bavarian beer garden in bad wörishofen original bavarian tradition
  • Enjoy custom in Bad Woerishofen original bavarian tradition

In Bad Wörishofen, the ancient tradition is still alive today. Here you can experience first hand Bavarian customs. These include, for example, the colourful local costume festivals and parades or the beer gardens during the summer months, where the day can finish so great among shady chestnut and lime trees.

Every year at Easter, numerous fountains in town are festively decorated. You will find much to see and experience at the annual May festival where they dance in festive Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen (leather trousers) around the maypole and make solemn music.

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