Time for health in Bad Wörishofen - Cure in the Allgaeu


Time for health in Bad Wörishofen
  • Relaxing time while your kneipp cure in Bad Wörishofen
  • Massage with herbs wellness and SPA in Bad Wörishofen
  • Kneipp Cure in Bad Wörishofen arm bath
  • Water treatment Kneipp cure in Bad Wörishofen
  • Affusion Kneipp cure in Bad Wörishofen

Bad Wörishofen is a recognized and certified Kneipp spa. The "Kneipp Cure" or Kneipp treatment, resp., – named after its developer Sebastian Kneipp – is very versatile due to its holistic approach based on naturopathy and it has a lasting effect.

A stay in the Town of Health helps with cardiovascular and vascular disorders, sleeping disorders (going to sleep and staying asleep), nervous disorders and neuropathy, metabolic diseases, hypersensitivity reactions and allergies, respiratory diseases, rheumatic and degenerative diseases, childhood diseases and osteoporosis. In addition, the medicinal waters of the spa also take an effect in case of musculoskeletal disorders, muscle tension and for the rehabilitation after joint surgery.

In Bad Wörishofen, various applications come into play, most of which can be executed at home quite easily and conveniently in order to ensure a sustainable result also after a medical cure. It should be noted that no two applications must be carried out in direct succession. Some applications are washings, affusions, baths and wet packs. Here, various herbal additives can be used to achieve better treatment results.

The local hosts are mostly family-run businesses specialized in all-around pampering their guests and making them fit again for everyday life. Only here in Bad Wörishofen, there lies the origin of the holistic Kneipp therapy - and you feel it.

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