Sauna paradise - thermal spa relax in Bad Wörishofen

Sauna paradise

Nude area
  • Thermal spa sauna of meditation spirit
  • Thermal spa nude area

Valuable wood, exquisite manufacture, clear architecture, professional infusions, beach area, palm trees and more complete the perfection of paradise to our sauna. With the opening of the new sauna area guests are offered 15 different saunas and a wide range of wellness attractions.

The thermal paradise is surrounded by a beautiful lake (no swimming permitted).  On the beach you will find the "hottest spot" with the heat of 95° C – the on sand built "BeachSauna". Relax in our lovely "Kräuter-Sauna" with the smell of different herbs, enjoy a special fragrance in the "Finnish Log Cabin" (85°C) or take a hot break in our "Gallery-Sauna" (85°C).

Be amazed by the smell of fresh bread in the "Backhäusle" and inhale special aroma fragrances in the hot "Kelo-Stadl". In the lovingly designed "Meditation-Sauna" guests relax their bodies on cedar wood, while watching real colourful Koi carps. The "Alhambra" gleams by the uniqueness of architecture while the "Blue Grotto" shines in a warm blue atmosphere.

Take part in one of our professional infusions which are given by the well trained staff. The variety of ceremonies is a highlight for each guest every day. Every single form of pure essential oil will benefit your body in a positive and different way.

Refresh your circulation after the sauna by using a cold tub or enjoying impressive power of water under the stone showers. Indulge yourself with quietness and relaxation. You will find loungers on the sauna beach and plenty of cosy ones in the wonderful Garden of Eden or "Cloud 9".

Sauna guests can look forward to our Saturday special from 7 pm until midnight when the thermal- and sauna paradise converts into a textile-free area. During that time our guests enjoy the variety of different fragrances in our sauna paradise every 20 minutes.

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday: 10 am to 10 pm
Thursday to Friday: 10 am to 11 pm       
Saturday FamilyDay (no age restriction): 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday SaunaSpecial (nude, 16 years up): 7 pm to midnight
Sunday/Holidays: 9 am to 10 pm

Please, follow the special opening times on the 24th/25th of December as well as on the 31st of December and the 1st of January.

Admission fees

4 hours (thermal spa and sauna paradise): € 32.00
All day ticket (thermal spa and sauna paradise): € 40.00

Sunday/holiday surcharge: € + 3.00
Extension (each additional ½ hour): € + 1.50

Saturday All-nude evening (7 pm to midnight, thermal- and sauna paradise) : € 31.00
Early bird special (Mon – Fri, 2,5  hrs., by admission before noon): € 25.50
After work special (Mon – Thu, 3 hrs., entry after 6 pm): € 25.50

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